Innovative Solutions

Remote control

We produce modern remote control solutions with SSL or IPsec technologies. All our solutions are based on cyber security standards and clients’ needs. One of our own criteria for quality connection is its tolerance to faults and malfunctions.

File servers

Archiving data securely is the modern way to store data. We offer local file servers with backup services.


Modern file systems are platform-independent because of virtualization. And we build our solutions always to tolerate errors or faults.

Why choose us?

Easy and secure

We at Save LAN focus on making solutions secure and easy to use. Both of these aspects increase productivity.

Safe way to archive data

For us, easiness means ease of use but also safety and security. When you can trust that your business is conducted securely, it’ll ease your mind and reduce the work of inspecting anomalies.

Modern and innovative solutions

In 2021 data management have to be secure, reliable, and easy. We take this as our guide when we consider solutions to clients’ needs.